Book of Dead

Knightslots offers you the Book of Dead.

This is a video slot that opens your chances of enjoyment, cash winnings, and exciting full-time engagement.

Here, you will spend your quality time and walk away with great cash prizes.

Book of Dead is a video slot game that has been developed by Play’n Go software development firm.

This video slot offers players 5 brown central reels and 10 pay lines. It draws its inspiration from the Ancient Egypt Culture.

Mostly, it traces the whereabouts and life of Rich Wild and all related escapades.

The 5 brown reels on this slot are placed opposite to the ornate golden frames.

The 5 brown reels on this slot are placed opposite to the ornate golden frames.

As a player, you are invited to play spins and entertain yourself.

How to Play Book of dead

Once you visit the Knighslots casino and now you are about to engage yourself in this video slot, first set all your bets.

You effortlessly do this.

Start by pressing the three buttons and regulate all your bets.

These include the value of the coin, lines, and the coins themselves.

While the Max Bet option allows you to set the largest wager you can, the Autoplay reel will allow you to choose the number of times to spin automatically without interference.

Once these three are set.

You are free to engage in the play and be ready to win.

It is that simple

The Book of Dead slot comes with several features that you should know to play effectively.

To start with, the Book is a symbol of both the Wild and the Scattering.

At a time when it is Wild, it replaces any other symbol, and it is time for players to create a winning combination.

When it acts as a Scatter symbol, the players will receive 10 free spins as triggered by the symbol.

Before the free spins feature is activated, a usual standard symbol is selected randomly to do the work of a unique expanding symbol for the entire playing round.

After the players win their ordinary combinations of winning, the unique symbol chosen will cover all the three reels, and it will undergo expansion only if there are extra prizes that a player can win on the pay lines.

The expanded symbols must not appear sequentially to bring out a combination of winning.

Book of Dead is an exciting video slot to play when you visit Knightslots.

It is a high slot that resembles Novomatic Slot, and this could be the reason why Book of Dead has become a household name over time.


Starburst is one of the most exciting games that you will come across on Knightslots.

This table game allows you to win a variety of prizes.

Some of these include an apparent vacation to one of the Starburst destinations, treats for your birthday, and refills of free coffee, among other exclusively rare offers.

How to Play Starburst

To play the Starburst, you need to be a member of Starburst Rewards.

So the first step is to register yourself with this loyalty program, and immediately you will start playing the game.

So, once you create an account, head to the Starburst game and start playing.

Once you are already in your Starburst game page, locate a virtual table on the page and look at the right to see the spinner that you will use to play.

Just on top of the spinner, you will see a number that denotes the number of plays that you have in store for you.

This number is a signal to you on when to engage yourself in the game.

Immediately you join the game.

You are allowed one chance to play the game for free.

However, if you must continue enjoying the game and win different promotions, you have to gain more plays using the Starburst card.

But don’t worry about this for Knightslots got you covered from the beginning.

Upon tapping on the virtual sinner on top of the table game, you will find yourself in a number that is between 1 and 4, and you will have to move a specific space within the game board.

Starburst gives you several places that you can move to when playing the game.

These include the Power Move Spaces, Mystery Spaces, and the Mini Game Spaces.

The Mystery Spaces allows you to spin once more or take part in a mini-game, but the Power Move Space will enable you to determine the number of spaces you want to move within the game board.

Still, remember the Mini-Game Space? This allows you to take part in a game piece or even a mini prize.

Are you asking yourself what prizes you get here? Relax.

Starburst will allow you chances to win between 500 Stars and 2, 500 Stars.

You could be lucky to win yourself 90 days of Cold Brew or even a vacation to a spot you have always wished to visit.

Play Starburst on Knightslots and win big.